Sound is a very delicate form of energy. It does
not take much to alter it from its original form.
High-end audio is all about reproducing sound as
accurately as possible to minimize the
differences between a live performance and
playback of a recording. Many people do not
realize that audio cables are another electrical
component just like the amplifier or CD player
being used in their audio system. A poor cable
choice is capable of removing or distorting all
the detail and nuance of a recording that the
listeners want so desperately to hear. This is
about making the hairs on the back of your neck
stand on end. For those who have not
experienced that feeling while listening to music,
an unexplored world awaits you.
There are three main factors to consider when
assessing the performance of an audio cable:
cable design, materials, and manufacturing
quality. Each of these factors contributes to the
overall sound of the final product. This technical
section addresses in detail the guidelines and
thought processes followed by PROLINK in the
development of their cables.
Music has the ability to stir the soul. It can
inspire your greatest creativity, calm your spirit
and energize your body. The power of music is
most potent when the artist’s composition is
delivered free of processing and alteration.
Advancements in VIDEO components and
connection options over the past few years
require upgrade video cables to get the whole
picture. New and advanced modes such as Scart
,RGB (red, green, blue) and component video
are being transferred from the broadcast and
professional video industry for pro-sumer use
(those who enjoy a great picture).
Generic products do an injustice to even the
casual viewer of big screen TVs through the use
of inferior materials, design and manufacturing.
DVDs , Laser Disc players, and high quality VCRs
must be connected with high quality cables to
get the full benefits from their technologies and
A good connector is essential: if you fail to
connect properly, then all the care and expertise
applied to the cable conductors and shielding are
for naught.
PROLINK series interconnects use new RCA,
Scart, 3,5mm, Toslink connectors, made from
high purity copper and then gold plated.

All connections are terminated with high silver
content solder, sleeved, and inspected under a
microscope for quality.
The philosophy of delivering all the music and a
clear picture has been the foundation of Prolink
cables the straight approach attaches no filters
and provides the truest sound and vision that
creators intended for your relaxation & escape.
Link your system together with PROLINK cables
and uncover musical nuances & visual subtleties
you’ve missed. You’ll get more entertainment
from all your existing components and discover
all the pleasures from your new ones.
Welcome to PROLINK audio and video cables,
you will not be disappointed.